Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

There are many people that like to fill bird feeders in their garden from which the birds can easily get access to food, especially during the winter months when food for the birds may otherwise be scarce. Most of these people will specifically put the food out for the birds and so get upset when they see a squirrel eating it. To avoid this from happening, people can either find a method of deterring the squirrels from entering their garden or buy anti-squirrel bird feeders. Of course, preventing squirrels from entering your garden is much easier said than done as they are expert gymnasts and can get over or around nearly any fence or blockade you may place in their way.

That means to avoid them from eating the food you put out for birds, you will have to make or buy a squirrel proof bird feeder. Most bird feeders are placed on the top of poles but squirrels, under normal circumstances can easily climb those poles and so action is needed to prevent them. You could of course grease the pole which would certainly make it difficult for any squirrel to climb but they probably eventually find a way to climb the pole.

You could however, place a dome on the pole at a height which a squirrel could not jump over but also at a height which was below the bird feeder. The squirrel would not be able to climb around the dome and so therefore could not reach the feeder. This is a good method providing the pole holding the feeder is a reasonable enough distance away from anything else which is tall, if not the squirrel will climb whatever is close enough and then jump onto the pole above the dome, at which time it would be able to help itself to the bird feed. One of the most popular types of squirrel proof bird feeders are ones which are known as spinning bird feeders. These are feeders that have a perch which spins when weigh is placed on it. When small birds sit on the perch to feed from the feeder, their weight is not enough to cause the perch to spin but the weight of larger birds or a squirrel’s is.

As the perch spins, two things happen, first the squirrel falls off the perch and secondly some feed drops to the ground. This means that although a squirrel may not be able to eat directly from the feeder, it can eat any food that falls to the ground. This is often an acceptable solution as the birds still get to eat most of the feed that is put out for them. There are other squirrel proof bird feeders though and so you should buy the one that best suits your requirements and your garden. One of the other feeders has a pressure plate in front of the feeder and so when something relatively heavy, like a squirrel or larger bird, steps on the pressure plate, the door to the seeds closes.