Things to Check Before Buying a Dog Proof Trash Can

If your dog often knocks over trash cans, it can pose a hazard to your dog. It can also be quite messy. You certainly want to solve that kind of problem at once. Well, you must have probably heard about the advantages of using dog proof bags and dog proof trash cans. You will actually prevent your dog from knocking over your trash can if you pick out the dog proof type of trash can. You may have to spend more on such type of trash can, but buying it will certainly help you solve your problem at once since it can keep your pet dog from making a mess on the floor. As a result, you can rest assured that you have clean floors all the time even while you leave your dog at home.

There are now various dog proof trash cans to choose from. However, it is best to check several things before buying a trash can so that you can make the best choice. The first thing that you need to check is the material of which the trash can is made of. A dog proof trash can is either made of rubber, stainless steel, plastic, metal or wood. It is up to you to pick out the one you think that suits your taste, budget and style. The thing is you just have to make sure that it is strong enough that your dog cannot knock over it. You might also find a wooden trash can attractive for your country-style kitchen, but just try to make sure that you buy a durable wooden trash can. On the other hand, if you are really after for the strongest trash can, you will make the best choice if you buy the stainless steel or rubber variety as it can be very stable so knocking over it will be very impossible. Moreover, you can rest assured that your dog or any other pet at home will find it hard to open it with ease. The second thing that you should check is the height of the trash can. It is a good idea to buy a trash can that is taller than your dog. That way your dog cannot reach the top part of the trash can, but you have to make sure that it is heavy so that your dog will not knock over it. The third thing that you need to check is the size of the trash can. It is always best to buy a regular-sized trash can if you really do not have plenty of stuff to throw into it. However, if you think you have a lot of garbage to discard, then you should opt for a larger trash can. A good word of advice, just try to make sure that the trash can is tightly covered regardless of its size and height. Hence, try to select a trash can that has a very strong and tight cover. The last thing that you should check is its quality. When you have a pet dog, it is always wise to buy a trash can of high quality. It does not only last long but it is also strong enough.